stamp (plural stamps)

  1. An act of stamping the foot, paw or hoof.
    The horse gave two quick stamps and rose up on its hind legs.
  2. An indentation or imprint made by stamping.
    My passport has quite a collection of stamps.
  3. A device for stamping designs.
    She loved to make designs with her collection of stamps.
  4. A small piece of paper bearing a design on one side and adhesive on the other.
    These stamps are purely decorative.
  5. A postage stamp.
    I need one first-class stamp to send this letter.


  • (act of stamping):
  • (indentation or imprint made by stamping):
  • (device for stamping designs):
  • (paper used to indicate postage has been paid): postage stamp

5 letters in word "stamp": A M P S T.

Anagrams of stamp:

Words found within stamp:

am amp amps apt apts as asp at ma map maps mas mast mat mats pa pam pams pas past pat pats pst sam samp sap sat sma spa spam spat st stap ta tam tamp tams tap taps tas